Resealable Cubes

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Dark Chocolate Energy Boost™ ReCharge® – 3 Pack, 10oz cubes
College Crunch™ – 6 pack, 10oz resealable cubes
Sweet Tooth Mini Cubes- 4-pack, 4.25oz
California Mix™ – 3 pack, 9oz resealable cubes
Kickin' Cajun Party Mix – 3 pack, 8oz cubes
Wasabi Green Peas - 3 pack, 7oz cubes
Chocolate Double Dipped Peanuts- 6 pack, 9.5oz cubes
Dark Chocolate Almonds- 6 pack, 11oz cubes
Edamame R/S – 6 pack, 7oz cubes
Fruit Slices – 3 pack, 12oz cubes
Apricots– 6 pack, 10oz cubes
Neapolitan Mix™ - 6 pack, 11oz cubes
Sunshine Blend Mini Cubes-4 pack, 4.25oz
Wasabi Green Peas - 6 pack, 7oz cubes
Smoked Almonds  – 3 pack, 10oz cubes
Pineapple Wedges – 3 pack, 10oz cubes
Cashews Roasted & Salted – 3 pack, 9oz cubes
Perfectly Fit Mix Mini Cubes- 4 pack, 3.5oz
Pumpkin Seeds Roasted and Salted – 6 pack, 8.5oz cubes
Wild About Wasabi Mini Cubes- 4 pack, 3.5oz
Salted Plantain Chips – 6 pack, 5oz cubes
Salted Plantain Chips – 3 pack, 5oz cubes
Pumpkin Seeds Roasted and Salted– 3 pack, 8.5oz cubes
Perfectly Fit Mix- 3 pack, 8.5oz cubes
Mini Yogurt Pretzels – 6 pack, 7oz cubes
Healthy Trails Mix Mini Cubes-12 pack, 4.5oz cubes
Crystallized Ginger – 6 pack, 9oz cubes
Dark Chocolate Almonds- 3 pack, 11oz cubes
Dark Chocolate Almonds mini cubes- 12 pack, 5.5oz cubes
Smoked Almonds  – 6 pack, 10oz cubes
Delectable Debris – 6 pack, 6oz cubes
Pistachios Roasted and Salted– 6 pack, 9oz cubes
Praline Pecans- 6 pack, 8oz cubes
Praline Pecans- 3 pack, 8oz cubes
ReCharge® – 6 Pack, 10oz Super Charged Cranberry™
Almonds Roasted & Salted – 6 pack, 10oz cubes
120 results
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