Low Sugar Snacks

Low Sugar Snacks

We are deep into a no sugar added/low-sugar trend. With the increase of low-sugar diets like keto, paleo and Whole30, people are being steered away from sugar and becoming more informed of the health benefits gained from cutting sugar out of your diet. 

New FDA labeling goes into effect this year which will impact packaging on all snacks. The new FDA food label that launched this year calls out “added sugars”, making it easier for consumers to identify sugar beyond the naturally occurring kind. 

Here are some of our favorite no sugar/low sugar packaged snacks:

trEAT4u: Almonds

trEAT4u: Triple Treat

Buffalo Nuts

Buffalo Nuts with Ranch

Garden Chips: Green Bean Snacks

Garden Chips: Mixed Vegetable Chips

Firecracker Hot & Spicy Grabeez cups

Mexicali Fire Grabeez cups

Country Club Standup Resealable Bags

Bartender’s Blend Snack Bags

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